Friday, October 9, 2009

Fermat Hates Hedo

Start a protest outside the ACC, burn Raptors apparel on the street, egg Colangelo's condo....for the love and sanity of the next five years, please do not let this Turkoglu signing happen. I hate this move, here's why:

1) Turkoglu's "clutch" persona is overrated. Check out clutch stats - and he's even behind Bosh!

I think people mistake clutch for game winning shots. In that respect he's a bit better (, but A) Toronto has to be in those close game situations in the first place and B) Roger Mason was doing that same sh** for 100x less the money

2) Unless you're crazy enough to think Toronto can contend next year, we're going to be lamenting the last 3-4 years of Turk's contract the same way we did JYD's, Alvin's, Hakeem's, and Yogi's. He is already 30 something - can you imagine how slow he will be even in a couple years?

3) Why don't we just trade Bosh for Lee right now to have the least athletic starting lineup ever. This move also detracts from any run 'n gun philosophy while also making no strides towards a tougher defensive minded one either. Just a horrible move. It's funny that the whole "Toronto is a cosmopolitan city" is a huge badge of pride for the city but a completely devastating one when it comes to professional sports and free agents.

I am officially depressed.......

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