Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: What We've Missed

The staff here at TPTFUA have been on vacation for the long weekend due to a wedding out in Palm Springs (Congrats, Wooly!). We're back now though, nursing hangovers and easing into the workweek. Here's a run down of what's happening and what we missed...

The good: Leafs shock the world by playing some inspired hockey and winning their opener vs. Detroit.
The bad: Leafs go up 3-0 early on St. Louis during yesterday's matinee, but ultimately blow it and lose 5-4 in a shootout. Why the heck was Kubina taking one of the crucial shots during the skills competition?
The even worse: Ryan Hollweg is a thug (and not even a very good one) who arguably cost the Leafs a victory yesterday, but certainly killed the momentum from a good first period. Lots of indignation out there in the blogosphere. I say the NHL should suspend him and Leafs should put him on waivers - then send him down. If he cleans up his act after serviving the suspension and doing some time in the minors, then give him one final shot.

The good: Sundin is back in Toronto and word is that he's picked up the intensity of his work-outs.
The bad: I continue to believe that Sundin is unlikely to return to the Leafs lineup ever again, unless he simply wants a paycheck and a tee time in April.... in which case I don't really want him. Don't get too worked up over this report - he has a home in Toronto and is likely back here to get in close proximity to teams in the northeast, and to get mentally and physically ready for a December return to the NHL. My guess is still NYR or Philly.

The good: The Jays found a "new" President for the club!
The bad: What's old is new again! Like the Leafs' hiring of Cliff Fletcher, the Jays put no original thought into the hire and simply hired someone from the past on an "interim" basis (Hint: it rhymes with Easton!). Even worse, both Toronto clubs ultimately chose to go this throwback route during a very important time at which both clubs seem to be at a cross-roads. Vision and leadership are needed - yet we're getting guys who haven't led a club in a decade or more. Sad, really.

The good:
40 year old Canadian "slugger" (and former Blue Jay) Matt Stairs hit the game winning homer for the Phillies last night to put his team up 3-1 in the series.
The bad: Fox must be crapping themselves over the fear of a possible Tampa Bay vs. Philly World Series. Ratings in the U.S. are going to be terrible for this one - especially when L.A.-Boston was an alternative.
The upside: More time to watch hockey!

The good:
Tex's fantasy football trade of Kellen "Grapefruit Balls" Winslow-Wes Welker and Felix Jones to Billy Bee in exchange for Reggie Bush-Roddy White and Zack Miller. Super Bowl, here I come.
The really ugly: R.I.P. Alexei Cherepanov. The 19-year old kid died yesterday in Russia after his heart stopped on the bench during a KHL game. Reports continue to trickle in, but word is that it took an ambulance 15+ minutes to get to the rink, and that the defibrillator ran out of batteries and couldn't be used to save his life. I wonder how many NHL'ers are going to look at this disturbing video before heading over there to sign a contract next off season.

Its election day in Canada - don't forget to get out and vote!

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eyebleaf said...

Welcome back, fellas. Palm Springs. Must have been nice.

Some of my random thoughts in response:

- Hollweg is a brainless monkey.
- Kubina should not be a participant in the shootout. Nor should Antropov. Why the fuck are Kaberle and Grabovski on the bench? Kabs is our most efficient penalty shot taker (that doesn't say much for our offence).
- I don't see Sundin going to the Rangers. Brandon Dubinsky, whom I so wisely picked in my keeper league, is ripping it up early on, and they're undefeated. Bringing in Sundin hurts the development of a guys like Dubinsky and Dawes.
- I like the Beeston hiring. It's interim, and I'm confident he will be a responsible and competent help in finding a new Pres. Yes, he hasn't led a club in years, but his office has never left the Cable Box and Beeston is one smart mother sucker. And don't forget to check out Jeff Blair's recent post at the Globe on Baseball blog. He's throwing some crazy ideas (an MLSE/Rogers marriage) out there.
- Hard not to cheer for a guy like Matt Stairs. A 3-1 fastball over the plate? What the hell was the pitcher thinking? Even at 60 years old Stairsy could crush that pitch.
- RIP Cherepanov. Don't know if you caught the YouTube video of his final moments on the bench, but it was crazy disturbing.