Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It Could Be Worse...

As you likely already know, the Chicago Blackhawks pulled a spin-o-rama last week and fired Denis Savard as their head coach. Apparently this upstart team has such a new outlook on life since the death of Bill Wirtz that they felt compelled to pull the trigger on Savard just 4 games into the 2008-2009 season. Another classic example of how NHL teams plow through coaches like fat chicks on a bag of chewy Chips Ahoy. Don't feel too bad for ol Denis though, as things could be worse. In fact, his tenure still lasted longer than...

Ryan Hollweg's career as a member of the Maple Leafs (fingers crossed!).

Stephane Dion's reign as Prime Minister of Canada.

Pacman Jones's ability to stay sober and out of trouble. Nice to see another one of Jerry's gambles paying off.

or Larry Johnson's time between run ins with the law for that matter.

Kyle Wellwood's new healthy diet and exercise regime. How glad are you that the Canucks claimed this guy from the Leafs in the offseason?!? Just part of karma's payback for fleecing the Panthers in the Luongo deal.

The number of days that Peter King can stay mad at his BFF, Brett Favre, for selling out the Packers. Did you know that Favre just loves to play football? Did you know that various family members have battled cancer and/or passed away during seasons past? Did you know that he's just a regular guy, who loves to smile and play the game of football? Did you? The guy just loves to play! Personally, I think he's a media-whorring douche, and if this little nugget proves to be true, it only further cements that status in the lofty annals of my mind. [OCTOBER 22ND UPDATE: See, I told you PK couldn't be mad at Bretty for very long!]

I'm sure its only a matter of time until some other idiotic group airs a bigoted, inaccurate, fear-mongering TV ad in favor of California's Proposition 8 (scroll down for the Oct 19 entry). I am shocked at how succinctly this set of Mormans can make the case for gay marriage.

Darius Miles's career as a Boston Celtic. Do the Raps have the roster space/patience to take a chance on this guy?

The countdown to me getting fired. Condolences to any third year law students out there. Have fun job hunting in this market!

Apologies to any of you who expected actual analysis from me today. Say hi to your mutha for me...


Fermat said...

Please no Darius Miles. I know it's in all our best interests to hurt Portland's salary cap room, but this has RCMP nightmare written all over it.

eyebleaf said...

Miles isn't coming anywhere near a Colangelo team. You have to be good people to play for BC, so I don't envision Miles donning the red and white.

And props on the Savardian spin-o-rama reference. Best hockey move. Ever.