Thursday, October 2, 2008

How Do You Say Bust in Italian?

Andrea might not be good at basketball, but he has a girly name and astute foresight for his career averages (6pts, 1reb).


ThePassionThatFrustratesUsAll said...


eyebleaf said...

I hope he makes you eat your words.

Gotta have some patience, mate.

If you recall when he was drafted, we were told that he was raw, not the most NBA-ready player in the draft by any means. So he's a bust after a solid rookie campaign, and a tough second season? Come on.

Anonymous said...

Bargs makes Milicic look like hetrosexual version of Wendel Clark

bchu said...

No, he's a bust because he can't find his way around a basketball court and has no sense for the game whatsoever. And really, how many of these 'raw' players actually develop into even half of their 'potential'.

That aside, most 'projects' show signs of star potential pretty early on, usually by consistency (Bynum, Dirk, Amare, Ellis) rather than sporadic 28 pt games (Bargs). Some (not many) develop later just because they were in bad situations (Rashard Lewis didn't start till year 3, our own Jermaine O'Neal was buried on the bench and on the JailBlazers, McGrady had Darrell Walker). But Bargs has been given all the opportunity in the world with playing time, lives in an Italian friendly community, has Gherardini to support him, has an all-star (Bosh) to command double teams and help him with boards, had 2 above avg point guards to get him the ball, plays in a weak big man conference, and plays in an offense that should complement his game by emphasizing ball movement and outside shooting. And yet he's regressed or is average at best. He even sucks at his supposed best attribute, which is 3-pt shooting (which should never be your best skill anyways as a 7 footer). Check out the stats if you don't agree with me.

Anyways, if you're satisfied with #1 draft picks playing a contributing bench role, I'll support you in that hope. I guess I was just expecting a little bit more.

eyebleaf said...

I'm not saying I'm satisfied. I'm saying we have to exhibit patience. No one is denying that he regressed last season, but that doesn't automatically make him a bust. And believe, I've seen his stats, he lost all confidence in his shot last year, behind the arc or in front of it. But there's no way I'm calling him a bust. Not yet, at least.