Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Do Something!!!!!!!!

A pathetic loss to the Nets on homecourt. Outrebounded 54-38. By whom? Bosh and O'Neal were dominated by a frontcourt of Brook Lopez, Ryan Anderson and Josh Boone. Who? Exactly.

The Raptors exhibited no toughness, no athleticism and built a house with the bricks their jumpshots became. No more than a house. They built a castle in the fourth quarter.

This team is going nowhere. Quite frankly they stink. A game against Dallas on Wednesday to close out an 0-3 homestand. Bravo.

West coast roadtrip begins this Friday and includes a number of godawful teams like: Oklahoma, LA Clippers and Sacramento.

If those games are lost, we may as well give up on the season.

Hey BC! You think it's time to make a move yet?!?!?!?!?!?


Darien said...

I watched the game and was hoping for something similar to the last time we played in New Juuursey. It could've happened. Carter wasn't playing very well and shot 8-24 which gave us MORE than enough opportunities for shots and winning overall if we could just REBOUND THE DAMN BALL. We have 3 7 footers on our team but none of them can grab a board? A tiny rookie can grab more boards than some of these guys put together. And then they killed us with second chance points etc. etc.

As a raptors fan, even with a 30 point lead, no game is ever safe. This sucks. We need to trade Bosh while the rest of the league is high on him. Let's face facts. He isn't a go-to scorer. He can't put a team on his back and take over games. He starts launching 3s late game?!?!? He's good, but he isn't all that - and now is the time to fleece some GM for the real deal(s).

richie said...

I'm not convinced that dealing Bosh is the way to go.

Nor am I against it.

If the right deal was on the table, I am inclined to agree with you.

Darien said...

I think my point is that right now is the most likely point in time where "the right deal" will be put on the table.

Bosh is fresh off his Olympic gold medal, being up there on the scoring leader's table (at least he was...), is one of the goal pieces of the 2010 mess, and every second ESPN writer jacks off when they hear his name. His stock is sky high right now. It can only be hurt further by the performances this team puts on the table night after night.