Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Leafs 3, Kings 1 - In Photos

Staples Center. I made the trek so you wouldn't have to.

Pregame warm-up. Even fewer fans than at the ACC.

Starting lineup for YOUR Toronto Maple Leafs.

(No photo of the Kings' first goal. Why would I take one, anyway?)

Scrum in front of Vesa in the 2nd period.

Ian White and his incredible 'stache. More to come in my game recap, but he played some inspired hockey tonight.

Derek Armstrong getting Fingered. (That joke will never get old to me)

Celebrating Stajan's goal in the 3rd.

A couple of pics of the celebration following Grabovski's game winner. If you look really closely, they are saying "Congrats, Tex!" on adding Grabs to your fantasy roster just in time for this game.

Just one piece of equipment from LA's advanced snow removal process. It took several surgeries to get this process perfected.

Jeff Finger breaking in alone in the 3rd. He didn't score. Obviously. There's a reason he only has 2 goals this year - one of which came on an empty net a few minutes after this photo.

Final Score: Leafs 3, Kings 1. Go Leafs Go!


richie said...

Nice scrap book Tex.

The inverse score of last year eh? Justice is served.

My question is, for how much longer will Blake be in the Leafs starting lineup? Is the moment at hand for him to disapoint a different team?

And regarding that rumours link from yesterday, what the fuck do the Leafs have to give up to get a player like Nash or Bouwmeester?? And don't tell me a poo poo platter of Jamario Moon, Joey Graham and Jason Kapono will do the trick.

Smokey said...

1) When did Ian White also start doubling as the lead singer of The Killers?

2) The ACC is severely lacking in the "big titted broads clearing snow" department

blurr1974 said...

Great shots Tex! I was a few rows behind Vesa for the 1st and 3rd, so all our goals were scored on the other end of the rink, but I did get to see some spectacular goaltending.

Also, did you notice the guy that jumped out of his seat when Finger laid that huge hit that led to the fight? He was wearing a Barilko jersey...

eyebleaf said...

I'm with Smokey: The ACC is severely lacking in the "big titted broads clearing snow" department.

Tex said...

@blurr - I saw that guy! Loved the variety of jerseys, even in LA. Though I did feel bad for the guy with a "Renberg" jersey sitting right in front of me.