Thursday, December 18, 2008

SHOCKER: Sundin Takes the Money

"I have carefully considered the team's request that I waive my no-trade clause," Sundin said in a statement. "I have always believed I would finish my career as a Toronto Maple Leaf so the actual request was still a very difficult one for me to contemplate."


"I cannot leave my teammates and join another NHL Club at this time. I have never believed in the concept of a rental player. It is my belief that winning the Stanley Cup is the greatest thing you can achieve in hockey but for me, in order to appreciate it you have to have been part of the entire journey and that means October through June. I hope everyone will understand and respect my decision."

--Mats Sundin, February 24, 2008 (approx)

Flash forward about 10 months, to today, December 17, 2008, when Mats finally, mercifully, ended the speculation about whether and where he'd play during the 2008/2009. And yes, to answer your question, he will be a rental player. For which team you ask? Well, brace yourselves folks, for this is about to shock you...

Mats Sundin has decided to play for the Vancouver Canucks, the team that, coincidentally, offered him the most amount of money in the offseason (2 years at $10M per).

Yes, the Nucks have a roster with a bunch of Swedes, including the Sedin twins, but no I don't believe they are a legit Stanley Cup contender, even with Mats, because they play in the West, and the road to the Cup goes through San Jose and/or Detroit. The other team rumored to be a final destination, the NY Rangers, would have had a far easier path to the Cup. So, ultimately, Mats chose the cash. I hope he's happy retiring at the end of this year (or next, or the one after, or whenever he finally decides to hang em up) without having ever won a Cup.

And Toronto, be sure to circle your calendars for February 21, 2009... when the Vancouver Canucks are back in Toronto.

Who's going to that game? And if so, what kind of reception will you give him? Even if you're not going, what kind of reception will you give him?


Sorry for making him sound like an ahole, but I am kind of upset. On the other hand this little post, about a guy who won a Poker Stars tournament and got to sit in a box with Mats, makes him sound like a pretty nice guy. I'll bet he was pissed too when he found out the Rangers lost the Sundin Sweepstakes.


Smokey said...

As a current Vancouverite but lifetime Leaf fan, I can honestly say that he will be treated with respect in Vancouver and that makes me happy. My office went total shithouse when they learned of the trade. It was crazy, everyone just stopped working (and this is Q4!).

Mats certainly played with the media for the last year, but who can blame him? He was bombarded with stupid and pointless questions from every media outlet imaginable during his time in Toronto, and he always dealt with it like the class act that he is. As sick as I was about hearing about it, I think that the Toronto media got a well deserved taste of their own medicine.

I will keep you posted for Sundin sightings around the city. Maybe he can be my new wingman, handsome bastard that he is.

And to Vancouver, enjoy our sloppy seconds.

Nickey Finn said...

Now, by "handsome bastard", I assume you mean that during the HNIC close up ,Sundin looks like Vader without his helmet....

blurr1974 said...

I'm still processing all this...

I don't feel betrayed. But i'm not exactly thrilled with the outcome, ya know...?

richie said...

I've got totally mixed emotions.

On the one hand I cant blame him - yet at the same time I wish the Leafs had got some prospects for him last year.

Fermat said...

Sundin should take a page from Doogie Howser in White Castle and admit it was a real dick move on his part.

But he can still be my wingman any day.

eyebleaf said...

It's a one year deal. And it's not a money play. It came down to NY & Van. I'm picking the team with Luongo every mother fucking day of the week.

Say all the shit you want to about him not wanting to be a rental and wanting to retire in Toronto, but this is no money play. Sundin is being paid what he is worth.

If you want to be pissed at someone, be pissed at the Canucks organization. They gave him the money. How can you be mad at the guy for taking it?