Sunday, December 7, 2008

Rough Weekend for Toronto

Just to recap the obvious, the Leafs came out flat against an injury depleted Capitals team and lost a game they probably should have won. More bad news came with the grogginess that Niklas Hagmen suffered, which I think we can leap to judge as a minor concussion.

Even more worrisome, was the injury sustained by rookie phenom Luke Schenn. After a hit from Ovechkin he came up gimpy and the early reports say he will be out two weeks with some sort of knee injury.

The Raps finally showed signs they could compete in the NBA after some blowout losses. Jermaine O'Neal played an inspired game. Unfortunately for the Raptors, an inability to grab rebounds in the closing moments led to a broken play where Steve Blake knocked down a three over Calderon. Triano missed his first win in the league by 1 measly point.

If anything though, it was somewhat encouraging to see the Raptors show signs of life again.

On a positive note, the NFL seems to be getting closer to our fine city. I'm a sentimental guy who hates the idea of teams moving. So I must say, I do not support the idea of stealing Buffalo's team. I mean, hell, what else does Buffalo have going for it? Taking their Bills would be the equivalent of ripping their city's heart out in a brutal, ritualistic Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom kinda style. I hope Toronto gets an expansion team for the sake of the fans who suffered through four consecutive Superbowl losses.


Darien said...

On the bright side, today's loss to the Portland TrailBlazers (while heartbreaking) did demonstrate that the Raptors are making improvements overall. On the other hand, it is becoming more and more apparent that Bosh is not a truly dominant player. Perhaps we should consider trading him while his stock is high in the league for some young talent and draft picks...

richie said...


Trade Bosh?!?!

Isn't that taboo? How dare you make such a statement??? Bold. Very bold.

I honestly do not see it happening. What could the Raps get back?

It's too much of a longshot to even speculate on really.

Tex said...

I agree that it sucks to be the city that stole the Bills... but on the other hand, wouldn't Buffalonians (Buffolans? Buffaloites?) rather see their team in TO then LA, or some other place? At least they could still attend the games. Its not like moving from SEA to OKC.

/me trying to rationalize the heist

Billy Bee Absentee said...

Having attended the PAINFUL Raptors game yesterday, I missed out on going to the Bills game. I've attended several Bills game, and my feelings are mixed about "stealing" the Bills. Obviously, I would love to have an NFL team to support, and I don't really care how we get one. The NFL is about survival of the fittest. However, I have serious doubts that Torontoians can be good fans of an NFL team. Tailgate culture is non-existent, and I find it hard to believe that the fair citizens of this city would take to getting drunk at 8 in the morning, cooking food on portable grills in parking lots, and attempting to drive drunk on mass away from the stadium. Peronsally, I'd prefer to find a DD, and make my way to Buffalo.

richie said...

@Billy Bee

Interesting point.

Could Toronto become a tailgate paradise?

I gotta say, if it does become one, my life just got a fuckload more meaningful.

Man, I have visions of bugers and beers dancing in my head right now. Tailgating in T Dot would be brilliant.

Would the Ontario police alow it???

Fermat said...

If our hot dog vendors are any indication, I think Toronto has some latent grilling expertise that's just waiting to be showcased. I'm standing by the claim that no other North American city has better street meat.

Smokey said...

I was built to tailgate.