Saturday, December 20, 2008

New Lows

There I was following the box score in the 2nd half, thinking the Raps were doing pretty well to hang with Chris Paul and company. Then my brain switched on to the dreaded realization we were actually going toe-to-toe with the 2-24 Oklahoma City Thunder. And by the end of it, toe-to-toe would have been a nice adjective because the Raps got thrashed down the stretch by a team with the worst name in the NBA, that hadn’t won at home in 47 days, and are on pace to establish all sorts of futility records this year. I guess there’s nothing better to soothe a vicious losing streak these days than to see Toronto on the schedule.

Other game notes:
- Outrebounded again (54-48)
- 36.4 FG% and 11.8% 3pt%
- JO chalks up another injury (shoulder)
- Even Bosh is slumping (22-70 in last 4 games)
- Somewhere, Sam Mitchell is smiling

I gotta give it to the Thunder crowd though. They were jacked up! I don’t think section “third base” (or under my financial circumstances at the time, section “500”) of the Skydome was ever consistently that loud during the Raptors inaugural season.

Next up, San Antonio. Please Mr. Duncan, be gentle. Treat us like it’s our first time.

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Darien said...

I'm guessing that we don't win again this year. 1 down, 5 more to lose.