Monday, December 1, 2008

Raptors Trade Rumours - Rubbish!

The Raps lost against the Lakers - big surprise. Is there any need to analyze why? Isn't it obvious? On to trade rumours.

As the Raps have hit the skids in recent weeks, the meda have been churning out some pretty godawful trade rumours. Here is a quick analysis of these shit sandwiches.

Straight up, that rumour of Barbosa is fucking ridiculous. Just because we wish it could happen doesn't mean it will. Keep dreaming Toronto!

Look at what Phoenix are doing right now. The 2008/9 season is Steve Kerr/Nash/Shaq/Grant Hill's collective last chance power drive.

Will they win it all? No.

Will they blow it up before the season ends? No. Because acquiring Shaq was done FOR the playoffs. They are going down in flames together - it is predestined.

So why would they trade one of their best players in Barbosa? Well the answer is: they wouldn't. Especially not to Toronto who have NOTHING that Phoenix would want. Even after racking my fertile imagination the only thing I could think of that might work is if the Suns wanted to trade Barbosa for Calderon and then use him as Nash's heir. Is that a likely scenario? Ummm. No. What else could they want? Bargs? It is the only other possibility of any likelihood. Is Colangelo looking to deal either of these guys? Doubt it.

Saying that he likes Barbosa as a player is the same as saying "I think Chris Paul has what it takes to be an NBA point guard." Or "Charles Barkley was super at rebounding the basketball." It in no way reflects any attempt to actually bring the player to Toronto.

Marion has been exposed for what he really is this year. An awesome open court player who sucks in a half-court offense. Well, guess what - a slow shitty half-court offense is precisely what Toronto is. Why would bringing a whiny baby like him be a good thing? His moping is almost of Vince Carteresque proportions. Practically speaking, the only contract the Raps have to match him is Jermaine O'Neal. Why would Miami take an injured O'Neal with a two-year contract over a healthy Marion with a one-year contract? They wouldn't.

Is there any point in even addressing the pathetic rumours of Nocioni, Belinelli or Luther Head? Is anyone dumb enough to believe they are the answer? Tinkering won't cut it.

The only rumour on the table that still sort of makes sense is the Gerald Wallace one. I wonder if Colangelo had a few beverages if would admit he should have sent TJ Ford to Charlotte instead of Indiana? My guess is yes.

Then again, it does not seem to me that any of these above possibilities are the aces up Colangelo's sleeve that he will need to keep Bosh in Toronto. We can keep guessing, but the vast majority of the time we will be completely blindsided by what the GM does. That is just a fact.

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Billy Bee Absentee said...

Agreed. I totally love being blind sided by Colangelo! As for your other points, they make sense that the fits are incompatible. The only thing from my pont of view that is weird from the ESPN article, is that BC is usually pretty hush hush, its out of character to "announce" his targets.

People need to stop worrying about Bosh leaving. That is 2 years away. We all need to focus on the team now, we aren't like those pathetic Knicks fans, we don't need to pine for 2010.