Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekend Transaction Roundup

In Leafland the Buds called up Jeremy Williams earlier this week to see what he can bring to the team if given the proper opportunity. Ron Wilson will be giving him the chance to center a line with Jason Blake and Dominic Moore. His skills are on the offensive end of the ice and the traditional knocks against him are his lack of strength and weak back checking. Will he stick this time? Early returns seem good as he has scored a goal two games straight, both of which were Leaf victories.

The AJ Burnett saga has mercifully come to an end. In an absolutely ludicrous signing, the Yankees have decided to give him $82.5 million over five years. Why would any team give that ammount of money to a pitcher who only shows up for contract years? A five year contract for a player who will be 32 when the year starts and who is chronically injured? Will he collapse under the pressure of the New York media? From my point of view the answer is yes, it is only a question of how soon.

Who will be his replacement for the Blue Jays? Apparently Rogers has decided to pocket the savings due to the financial crisis. Great. Friggin great.

The Raptors have made quite possibly the least interesting roster addition in the history of any professional sports league by bringng in Jake Voshkuhl. This journeyman center has played for Colangelo before in Phoenix and will bring a bit of toughness to the end of the bench. Interestingly, this signing does lead to a lot of questions. Does this mean that we can offically say that Nathan Jawai's season is over? With the Raps now into the luxury tax will they make a move to shed salary?

Monday December 15 is the day that all NBA players will be eligible to be traded. Will we bid farewell to some Raptors? My gut tells me that traditionally healthy players like Anthony Parker and Kris Humphries who have found themselves on the injury report lately, may simply have been sitting out to ensure that they would be healthy for tomorrow when they will need to pass physicals.

Obviously, the big news this weekend came from TFC. Please check out the posts below for more info on DeRosario.

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Voskuhl = problems solved.