Friday, November 7, 2008

Declaration to Bryan

After watching the Raptors get destroyed by Joe Johnson tonight, BC needs to do something on the wing. I know Jose had a very rough night shooting, and I shouldn't over react. However, the Raptors are just too vulnerable on the wing defensively. I think the Raptor's big man rotation is decent. He needs to go out and sign Darius Miles. He'll play for the minimum. I know he might be totally useless, but so is Hassan Adams (Joe Johnson was shaking him so bad that he fell down, TWICE!!!!!). I mean, why not take a gamble. Dallas gave Gerald Green a shot, and he looked awesome against Denver.

Hopefully, BC recognizes this weakness in time. Bosh looks like he has made the leap. Jose is in great form (ATL not withstanding). JO looks like he is rounding into form, and Andrea is giving you something off the bench in the big man rotation. Kapono, while incredibly frustrating is a decent offensive option off the bench as well. Joey and Jamario just aren't getting it done. All I ask is for Colangelo to go out and give Darius a 10 day. What's the harm? He needs to address the wing. The Raptors got destroyed with the Joe Johnson iso play tonight. The Raps just did not have an answer. That retarded zone that Smitch was throwing out there put the Raps in terrible position. They need a perimeter stopper cause its not going to be Moon or Graham.

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Smokey said...

I totally agree man. Jamario played great last season, better than anyone could have anticipated. He's just not an NBA starter. He has the potential to be a great bench player, but the Raps need help.

Joey has all the athletic ability in the world, but seems to be a few bricks short of a load. He always looks confused, and rarely seems to be paying attention. He reminds me of that kid we all played baseball with as children who was more concerned with picking dandelions in the outfield than playing the game. Give this kid some Ritalin already.

I know that the Raps didn't have the cash for Posey or Igudola, but it's frustrating to see that both those pieces were recently available.

I totally agree about Miles. If he'd play for hugs and handjobs BC should pull the trigger and give him a 10 day. It would screw Portland over and give the Raps another band aid for the 3. He'd have to sit out for 10 games, but at least we'd have a plan.

An extra 10 points, 5 boards, 1 block, and a steal could be just what the Raps need. Smitch won't take shit; he fucking body slammed Rafer on to a trainer's table.