Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dispatches From the Wing

Quite excited about tonight's matchup against the Orlando Magic. Its definitely going to be one of those games where the Raptors will get a good sense of where they stand in the pecking order.

Just a few quick thoughts about the Raptors SF position after Richie's thoughtful post yesterday. I have to say that I whole heartedly agree with statement that Andrea is NOT the long term answer at the 3. With the way his post game is starting to show some signs of life, coupled with his newly discovered activity on the glass, its important the Smitch doesn't fuck him up by playing him out of position (ie, he is a 4/5, NOT a 3).

Going forward, I am pretty worried about our beloved Raptors. However, there are a ton of rumours out there about swingmen that would be great "fits" (as in cheap enough to prevent the Raps from paying the tax) for our intrepid Dinos:

1. Marco Bellini and Al Harrington: Apparently New Jersey was willing to trade both of these guys for Josh Boone (who is an orphan according to Smokey, not that it matters). Anyway, looks like G-State's gonna want Bragnani to get this deal, I say hell no, but its Chris Mullen, so maybe BC convinces him that Hump and Joey are good enough.

2. Jerry Stackhouse: A veteran presence that seems to want some serious minutes on a playoff team. Check out this rant from Stack. Seeing as how Dallas is a total crapfest at this point. Are any of us willing to bet against a trade of Stack for Joey and Hump, so Dallas can get out of Stack's deal?

Those are the freshest rumours right now, but there are plenty of bad teams (T-Wolves, Griz, Kings, Thunder) where a fire sale has to be pending.

A tangent:

T-Mac is hurt again! Yeah, karma's a bitch (not as much of a bitch as playing 42 mins a night for a shitty Orlando team, but still). Oh T-Mac, you're decline doesn't even give me any pleasure anymore. You and VC could've been champs, but now you'll never even know what the 2nd round feels like. I hoped you enjoyed your run as being "The Man" for your teams, and I hope it was worth sabatoging that once great future in Toronto for it. Looking back, it still hurts me to imagine what could have been. But with VC and TMac's bodies betraying them, it looks like the universe did punish them for their short sighted and selfish decisions.


richie said...

Stackhouse???? You gotta be kidding.

Isn't he a downgrade at this point?

Is Cuban even allowed to trade players right now given his legal problems?

Billy Bee Absentee said...

Is Stack really a downgrade? He can shoot, and at least he tries to play defense. All I am saying, is if he is willing to come to Toronto for the minimum, isn't he better than Hassan Adams?

I find it hilarious that Cuban is up on insider trading charges. He just seems like he is that kind of guy. Either way, the charges won't stick as long as he doesn't lie about it like Martha Stewart, he'll probably skate.