Sunday, November 23, 2008

View from Above the Tunnel: It hurts so bad

So there will be no game review for either the Nets game (Friday) or the Celtics game (Sunday). Both were extremely painful, and should not be reviewed. Only bad things happened. After bad Raptors losses I tended to wander the internet looking for Raptors trade rumors, I consider it therapy, but its more like insanity, whatever. I keep surfing for some info about what Colangelo is doing to address the wing, or maybe the rumblings that Jeff Van Gundy or the Hobbit (Avery Johnson, who I hate though, and hope the Raps don't hire) might have been contacted by BC. But there is nothing, so I decided to look at the Raptor situation myself.

BC needs to convince the Thunder/Sonics to trade the Raps Desmond Mason and Earl Watson for anyone out of Kapono, Moon, Joey, Hump, 2nd round picks.

Best deal for the Raps would have to be Joey, Hump, Garbo's deal (or substitute Kapono, if OKC wants him), and a 2nd rounder.

That gives the Raps the projected lineup:

C - JO
PF - CB4
SF - Desmond Mason
PG - Jose
6th man - Andrea
PG2 - Watson
SG/SF2 - Moon

Conclusion: Very Sexy, and a Eastern Contender

Rationale for Okie: They are clearly already entering the Deron Deozen sweepstakes. Why not shed Earl Watson's $6.2 million and $8.6 million (expires 2010)? If Russell Westbrook is the future, he might as well play. Plus, having Joey Graham on the team, makes the locals like them, since they got booed the other night. Jeff Green is solid as well, so they can get rid of Mason and his $5.4 mil for a useable big like Hump. The 2nd rounder has decent upside, and you need as many warm bodies as possibles. Kapono gives them a shooter that they desperately need to open up the floor for Durant. And most importantly you send cash to OKC. You know that one of their owners lost a billion dollars (karma is a bitch), so they are probably looking to just sell everything off.

Rationale for the Raps: Mason solves 2 immediate needs: 1) Athletic perimeter defender and 2) Slasher. Desmond is a perfect fit. Plus defender, and he always takes it to the hoop, mainly because he has no jumper. Watson is a good back up for Jose, and makes that 2nd unit faster. You could even play Roko or Soloman or Moon at the back up 2, to give AP rest.

Financially, the Raps would have to trade the rights to Garbo (4.25 million, expire 2009), Joey ($2.45 million, expire 2010), and Hump ($3.2 million, expire 2011). Mason and Watson's total salary is $11.6 million for this season. The ESPN Trade Machine loves this trade ( ).

Potential Strategy or Pie in the Sky Fantasy?


richie said...

I agree with everythimg you said except "East Contenders."

Even with this trade, I just do NOT see the Raps competing with the Celtics, Pistons and Cavs at any point this year.

Watson and Mason could help secure a playoff birth, but lets be serious - they are first round fodder no matter what.

Billy Bee Absentee said...

What? No way, with Mason, I think the Raps are definitely looking at the 2nd round. Are they going to beat Boston or Cleveland? Probably not. But I would put that proposed line up against Detroit any day of the week. AI isn't The Answer anymore, he is The Liability.