Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Quick Musing on Sam Mitchell

So after yesterday's fiasco in Boston where Bosh didn't get one shot in the 4th quarter, I have been quite interested in some of the rumblings coming out of Camp Dino. According to Feschuk , it sounds like CB4 is definitely voicing his displeasure at Sam Mitchell for not letting him attack the juvenile and childish KG. Of course, Grange does an important point that Mitchell isn't the one on the court . I used to be a pretty big supporter of continuity, and I thought Sam was coming around as a coach. Well you know what? He isn't. How do you keep Jason Kapono in the game to cover Paul Pierce, and do NOTHING, while Pierce torches Kapono for 22 in the 4th, and something like 10 in a row to close it out. I say get rid of Sam Mitchell now, and bring in Jeff Van Gundy. JVG always seems to have a boner for the Raps on the ESPN telecasts, so I say to Colangelo, grant his wish, bring him in for the next couple of seasons (while hiring a potential Euro replacement to be his assistant next season).

Also, EVERYONE in the Boston is a douchebag (yeah, that's "FAWK YOU" BOSTON)

Rant over, the Raps better beat Philly at home tomorrow.


eyebleaf said...

Get rid of Sam? I was pretty disappointed in that loss last night too, but I think that's a bit of a knee-jerk reaction.

I think it was Grange that touched on this as well. Sam simply doesn't have any options because Moon falls for a ball-fake every time, like he's never seen one before.

The wings will be our downfall. And we knew that coming in. We've just got to deal.

Sam's not going anywhere, brother.

Tex said...

No chance Sam is going anywhere soon. This isn't the NHL where you get rid of coaches after 6 or 7 games. Sam is around unless and until this team falls on its face.

And how is it that KG is an "ass pirate" again? Is it the fact that he'll go down as one of the top [insert arbitrary # here] players in league history? Or was it the end-to-end dominance (and championship) that his team displayed last year?

If we do make a trade and get "a hug" thrown in as you suggested previously, maybe the hug should go to you. You should angry Billy Bee.

Fermat said...

I'd give Sam a bit longer but I agree a short leash might be in order. BC is pretty strict on year to year improvement and 2nd round playoffs is prolly the goal this year. If that doesn't look plausible with the given personnel by Xmas, then I wouldn't be surprised (or against) a move.

Tex, I take it you saw the KG-José jostling the other night. After watching this bush league display by KG, I only wished José had 'accidentally' whipped a rocket pass at his head. KG needs to hang out with Josh Howard a bit and chill the hell out. What some people perceive as ferocity, competitive zeal, and leadership is getting played out in my book as obnoxious and immature. He deserves a JO right hook (1:20 mark) in the near future.