Friday, November 14, 2008

From the "It Could Be Worse" Department

Admit it, as Toronto sports fans (as sports fans in general?) we like to bitch about our teams. From losing streaks and personnel moves to corporate profits and suits taking up the good seats, there's always something to complain about (that's what makes blogging fun!) But once in a while its nice to sit back and take stock because, let's be honest, It Could Be Worse...

1) Today the Tampa Bay Lightening fired Barry Melrose, a mere 16 games into this season/his comeback tour, and replaced him behind the bench with Rick Tocchet, a guy with a sterling reputation right now due to his links to a shady gambling operation. Check out my NHL season preview from a few months ago. After watching him on ESPN the past few years, I firmly believe that Melrose is a joke. I said the Lightening would be terrible, but that The Mullet wouldn't be fired. 50% ain't bad. Frankly, I'm impressed those new owners had the guts to pull the trigger on him.

2) Meanwhile, despite some hue and cry over the rumors of Burke's impending arrival as GM of our fair Leafs, at least we're not Bengals fans. The fans of that truly tortured club are currently spending their own hard earned cash paying for billboards to be posted around that city, begging the cheap ass owner of that pathetic organization to hire a GM.

Yikes, it could be worse...

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