Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday Morning Quickie

1. I don't usually do Leafs links, mainly because I have no real hockey knowledge, but I found this Cox article to be quite disturbing. Seems like Burke isn't the slam dunk we all thought he was going to be. Oh, Richard Peddie, maynbe you and your lap dog Cliff Fletcher can stall long enough for Burke to tell MLSE to go fuck themselves. Let's hope not though........

2. Great post by Richie below about the current mob mentality of Raptors fans (I have to admit, I am one of the foremost "pitchfork and torch" guys out there). In fact, as a ringleader on the Fire Mitchell bandwagon, I couldn't keep my thoughts to the comments section, as this is just too meaty of a topic.

Here's a couple of rebuttal points:

1) Its clear that Mitchell isn't working with a full deck, and I think we can all agree that the Raptors probably do have the WORST 2/3 situation in the NBA. In fact, as you can see from my Desmond Mason post, I think the solution to the problems that the Raptors face must be solved with a 2 pronged attack. First, upgrade the roster, then upgrade the coach. However, why are we so willing to accept the excuse that Mitchell shouldn't be fired because his players aren't that great? I know at my job, I'd get canned if my excuse to underperforming was to just blame externalities. BC isn't an idiot, I think he realizes that there are holes in the roster, but Mitchell can't just throw his hands up in the air, and offer no solutions.

2. I know we all like to slam Joey and Moon for being retards on defense (and offense too, sad). But is it totally their fault? At some point, shouldn't we expect coaching to elevate a player's game? Look I do not expect coaching to make Moon an equal to LeBron, but I find it unacceptable for us to just accept the fact that there is nothing we can do about it. I mean, if coaching is really that meaningless in player development, why even bother to hire a coach?

3. My last point has to do with Mitchell's inability to adjust his in game strategy. During the NJ game, Devin Harris attacked Jose relentlessly, and Mitchell had no answer for it. Against Boston, Rondo did the exactly same thing, and Smitch's response was to have AP help, leaving Ray Allen wide open. After 2 days of watching video, knowing who the next opponent would be, Smitch's best strategic response was to help off Ray Allen? I know the JO injury is a big factor in the defense, but it can't be the sole reason for systemic failure. NBA coaching is about making adjustments, and with Smitch, he just isn't able to do that. The Raptors have their basic strategies that they don't veer from, but when a better coach takes those options away, the Raps end up looking like a D-League team. That just isn't right.

As an aside, as a Raptors fan, I never ever compare the Raps to the Leafs. Just beacuse the Leaves are making moves, in no way do I view what they do as progress. All of us should hope the Colangelo is smart enough to KNOW that being SEEN as progressive, isn't the same as actually making progress. That's the kind of cancerous thinking that holds the Leafs back.

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richie said...

Fair points. I do not deny for a minute that Sam Mitchell has shown to be flawed in a number of ways and often gets "outcoached."

However, I think it is simply too risky for Colangelo to fire him and risk exposing how crappy the actual team is if Van Gundy fails.

Also, c'mon, you really think MLSE wants to pay money for a big name coach? Doubtful. They'd probably want Mike Evans, Jay Triano, or whatever other assistant to do an interim job.

The road to Raptor improvement will come through better health and trades. Ship out Kapono or Hump to address deficiencies. Mitchell may be a bit of a problem - but he is by no means the main one.