Wednesday, November 12, 2008

View from Above the Tunnel: Embrace the Blow By

So I just got back from the game, and well, let's just say I am totally confused and frustrated. It was a poor effort from the start, and the Raps never got closer than 1 point at home, and they were down by as much as 16 pts.

I am not going to be doing 3 things because well, frankly, there was only 1 good thing. Once again the Raptors bigs came through with some great play. Double Doubles for both Bosh and JO again, Andrea had a very nice game off the bench.

Sadly, the motley crew of Raptors guards completely fell apart. Kapono, AP, Moon, Graham, all of them were terrible on offense (an astounding 6/28), and they looked completely lost on defense. Jose got hurt at the end of the 1st quarter, and watching Soloman/Roko "run" the offense was horrific (not as horrific as watching Philly's guards blow by them, but it was close).

Of course, Smitch looked like he was at a total loss at how to coach his team. Obviously, its not completely his fault, since he isn't the one playing some solid "torro" defense. At the same time, he had no answer to try and disrupt the Philly offense.

Bosh has taken it to the next level, and JO has proved to be a decent #2/3 option. Jose isn't as efficient as he was last year, but I think its because Raptor opponents are selling out to stop him from turning the corner, and keeping him from dumping it back to Bosh on the roll. Andrea seems to have taken to his role coming off the bench, and he is finally showing some consistency. For all of that, the Raptors still look like they are lacking something.

Honestly, I think this team is as good as its gonna get with the current personnel and the current schemes. Now that Jose is hurt, I fear that it will get significantly worse. I don't know what else there is to discuss. After tonight, I think BC has to pull the trigger on something. Is that a shake up going to be a big trade or a coaching change? Only time will tell, but something must be done.


eyebleaf said...

If I didn't know the record of the team, I'd think after reading this post that we're 1-7, or 2-6.

Again, Mitchell isn't going anywhere. This team has undergone some pretty significant changes from last season, and they're going through a bit of a learning process right now.

A .500 record after a marginally difficult schedule to start the season, I'd say that isn't so bad.

You're absolutely right about Jose, though. We're fucked without him.

Billy Bee Absentee said...

Eyebleaf, I'd like to point out that I didn't lay the blame completely on Mitchell.

I just think that, yes, the wings lack athleticism, and we don't have an Iggy or a Granger here (thanks to Jack Armstrong for rubbing that in last night), there is still a SHOCKING lack of committment to play hard nosed, sell out half court defense.

Look at Boston, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Eddie House, etc, have never been known as defensive stoppers, yet they have completely bought into the defensive bunker mentality, and they ended up one of the greatest defensive teams ever.

I just want to see the Raptors get that mindset. Like I said, maybe its the coach, maybe its another player, but something needs to happen. For that mentality to set in.

eyebleaf said...

I cried myself to sleep last night thinking about how Iguodala could have, and should have, been a Raptor.